Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet Temptations

Hey guys! do you have a sweet tooth like mine?If you do, you're gonna LOVE this blog!^^,
So our family has a friend who owned a bake shoppe, and it's called Joniel's Cakes and Pastries and I'll tell you their cakes are SUPERB! This just shows that they have so many customers and they keep on coming back to the store. 
So here are some pictures the i have taken in their store.
Enjoy guys and be hungry! hehehe ^^v

This is one of their cakes and it is called mango cake. This was given to us when my aunt was celebrating her birthday..Yum!^^,

This chocolate mousse cake is their best seller..You can buy it small, medium and large. Yum!

I also took a picture of their displayed cakes

I don't know the name of this one but this one is given to us during last year's christmas and i think they are only making this one on Holidays season..This is delicious also with it's different flavors. ^^,

The mini chocolate mouse cake

Cheese cup cakes

You can  also buy brownies, crinkles, cookies etc...

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  1. thanks for the info ill visit their store