Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heart's Day

I was in my room staring at our calendar and then realizes that it is almost the end of  the month and next month is February and you know what does it mean?yes! It 's Heart's Month.^^,

Valentine's day is named after a martyr saint named Saint Valentine. 
It is traditionally celebrated during the 14th day of February wherein lovers expresses their love and affection to each other by giving flowers back in the old days but today in the new generation chocolates are very famous during this day.

Gift ideas for boys:
  • Flowers: I would  not add anything about this since you all know that from the very beginning flowers are like the  traditional gift for a loved one.
  • Chocolates: Today it is just so easy to buy chocolates and you can even buy it online. It can be either in a form of a flower or a heart like this..

A heart shaped box full of  


A personalized chocolate rose lollipop or hearts shaped lollipop


You can also buy cakes or cup cakes...

  • Teddy Bears: Girls really love stuffed toys so guys you better give us one..haha^^,

It can either be a small teddy bear or those who are really big it is just okay as long as they are "huggable" ^^,

  • Picture Frame: You can put your pictures together in it and I'm sure if  you give this to  her she will be touched.

  • Valentines Card:  You can make your own  valentines card with your simple message to her and there you go you can make her happy..

  • Balloons:  Who say's balloons are for kids only?They can be one of a give ideas also. I find it very unique and interesting though it won't last bu still you made her smile right guys?

  • Dinner Date: Planning for a dinner date is so much time consuming. You have to pick a very good place for it and of course the delicious foods that they are serving but all of your hard work will pay off since girls LOVE dinner dates, we think that it is very romantic with a music playing or a singer, it feels like PERFECT!

 If you love travelling, try        our country Philippines especially Davao city. We have so many beautiful places and restaurants like what you see in the picture. The name of the restaurant is Patok sa Manok. They have delicious foods. Our favorite is their lechon manok, liempo and pancit canton. The ambiance is so calm and beautiful and they added a new music area to make the customers at ease and happy. They also have buffets at an affordable price. So if you happen to travel, please do visit our city and be amaze by the our scenery. ^^,

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