Saturday, January 21, 2012

Precious Friends

I may not be the person who u

really like to be with

But i will be the person who will

be with you till the end

I may not be able to be their at ur

side always

But remember I'm always here

for you willing to listen

I may not be the perfect one to make it perfect for you

But i can be my best to make you smile

I may not be the most effective one

But i can be myself to help you and guide you.

My dear friend, in times of trouble and you don't know

Where to go, let me remind you that think about the word Love

Because it would bring you home.

I may not give u the perfect Love of a friend

But let me tell you this the greatest love of all is..

Learning to love yourself. 

My dear friend, i may fade and be forgotten like a dry leave

That fall from a tree 

But remember this..

I will be a nutrients of your own tree

Till the day my life ends.

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