Saturday, January 21, 2012


Each day when i woke up
And trying to forget everything
In the past, still my mind puts it up
I hate thinking of you this much
I'm ending up blaming myself
Yes it's me,who made the worst
But I hope you will help me to make it better
But you left and said you will go..
I stopped you...
But you insisted and I don't have the choice.
But to let you do what you want and maybe
Setting you free...

You don't know how much I've tried
to wait and wait until you come back
But you stopped having communication with me.
You don't know how painful it is,
I waited for so long and yet you left me alone
That last moment that we have,
 and I really treasured it  like it's the last.

Because of too much pain,
I really wanted to forget it.
I stopped going to school for one year
and found another person who will catch me
Hold on to me and make me happy...

I thought it was over that time and I thought
I have move on already...
But one day,

I saw your picture and
It flashes back the memories that we have
and started to think of you again
That is when i realized that..
I did not MOVE ON!

Deep in my heart, i know it's time
Time to move on already...
And it's unfair to my current special someone
But my hearts says I want you back..
But I know it is impossible,
And it will just be a dream forever.
I really wanted to talk to you again,
even just for a few minute.
Just to settle things between us.
I know it's too late and all of it has passed already..
But one thing is for sure,
I really MISS YOU!

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