Saturday, January 21, 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17

With the success and the controversy behind America's Next Top Model cycle 17, Tyra Banks is planning to have the next cycle which is cycle 18 British invasion, but before that I'm going to have a teaser for it, I'm going to show pictures from the last cycle. So guys, please read, view like and comment...^^,

Episode one: Isis King was the first one who was called for the best photo for their first photo shoot and their guest judge was Nicki Minaj. As you all know Isis is the only transgender in the entire antm cycle and she is proud of it and I am proud of what she has achieved.

Episode two: Lisa D'Amato got the best photo for their branding photo shoot and their guest judge was Ashlee Simpson .

Episode three: The girls are paired into two, and the Allison Harvard got the best photo for her booty tooch and their guest judge is Kristin Cavallari.

Episode four: The girls are going to model for Express Magazine with male models. For this photo shoot Angelea Preston strike back when she got the best photo after last week that she has been in the bottom two.

Episode five: This was very an inspiring photo shoot because the girls got to portray the different stages in the king of pop's life (Michael Jackson) and Laura Kirkpatrick got the best photo for this shoot.

Episode six: The girls are paired in two again with the very talented Coco Rocha. Dominique Reighard got the best photo.

Episode seven: They have to portray reality TV stars like Snooki and Nene while riding a motorcyle. and Lisa D'Amato got the best photo.

Episode eight: The girls are going to write their own music and was directed by Game for their music video. Game was impressed by Allison Harvard's music video with her beautiful and expressive eyes.

Episode nine: Hello Greece! yes, they are in Greece and their photo shoot was held at the beach posing using an underwear. Dominique Reighard got the best photo.

Episode 10 and 11 are highlights from episode 1-10.

Episode 12: They are not having their regular photo shoots but instead they are going to film an motion editorial for Tyra Bank's best selling book MODELLAND. Lisa D'Amato strong performance was first called by Tyra.

THE FINAL THREE: Lisa D'Amato, Angelea Preston and Allison Harvard made it to last and will battle for the biggest prize ever in antm history. 

The cover girl commercial was great, the girls did a very good job in the runway while wearing a Michael Cinco's gown (so proud of him, my fellow Filipino..hehe). But during panel, Tyra announced that Angelea was disqualified from the competition and stated nothing why and said  they all wish her luck. So why she got disqualified? Well, you know Angelea, who is always excited and overwhelmed can't shut her mouth and told her parents and her parents told everybody that she is the winner and that is against their contract stated that they have to keep it a secret until the show ends. Apparently Angelea was the true winner but  they have to shoot again the episode because of this incident and so Lisa D'Amato was announced as the winner of cyle 17. 

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