Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to setup the Method of Acquiring an IP address to DHCP setting?

The default of the method of aquiring an IP address in Buffalo router is PPPoE. This is only suitable for connections that require username and password. But for Skycable broadband, they do not. Because of that, we are going to use the DHCP setting. This part is very important. If you do not do this, your connection will not be successful.

How to change PPPoE to DHCP?

1. Type in your internet browser to go to your router configuration.
2. Enter "root" in the username field and leave password as blank.
3. Click on the Internet/LAN tab. You will be on this page.

4. Click on the Internet tab.
4. There you will see the Method of Acquiring IP Address. Then choose Acquire an IP Address Automatically from a DHCP Server.
5. Click apply to done.

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