Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to connect Buffalo Router to an ISP SkyCable broadband?

I know some of you find it difficult to understand computer technicalities most specially the non-IT users. However, there are also a few inexperienced IT(Information Technology) persons in terms of networking field. Even me at first, is confused with the configuration of connecting the Buffalo router from a Skybroadband internet connection since I am not in the networking field. There is a manual once you bought the router. But the steps may not be as accurate as what will appear on the setup stage. That's what happened to me and thereon I lost it. But because of some friends who is used to this kind of stuffs, I coped with it well. And believe me, the configuration was just too easy if I have known.  So here I am now, sharing it to everyone so that others who have no one to ask with may do it with themselves.

The router that I am using is Buffalo N150 and an ISP provider of SkyCable broadband. This will be an easy step.

1. Make sure that your router, modem and computer is properly connected to each other.
2. Open an internet browser and type in the address bar as shown in Fig. 1 and hit [Enter]. That is the default IP address of Buffalo router where you can set the configurations without using the CD.

Fig. 1

 3. A prompt will ask you for a username and password. Enter "root" for the username and leave the password field as blank.

4. After that, you will proceed in this page shown in Fig. 2. As you can see on the Internet Information, you are getting an IP address from the DHCP. If not, configure Internet/LAN to change it to a DHCP setting.

Fig. 2

5. Click on the Check connection and you will proceed to another page which is the running setup. Leave it to process as it is until it will prompt a successful connection. And that's it.You're done. Internet connection of Skycable broadband is successfully connected your Buffalo router N150.
I don't know if the steps will also be useful for other ISP provider and the router type. But try it. Perhaps, you will got lucky. There's no harm in trying.

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